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Complete Email Protection, Delivered in the Cloud

Built on the award-winning Trustwave MailMarshal, Trustwave MailMarshal Cloud provides protection at the internet level, eliminates threats before they reach the network and provides centralized security in distributed environments. Trustwave MailMarshal Cloud reduces business costs, complexity and uncertainty while delivering advanced protection against modern threats, unmatched policy configuration and in-depth data security and compliance management.
  • Reduce complexity and uncertainty
  • SLA-backed protection and uptime
  • Advanced security protection before threats can reach the corporate network
  • Reduced business costs
  • Retain full control of policies, configuration, and reporting.

How It Works

Protecting the network with Trustwave MailMarshal Cloud is fast and easy. Simply point your MX records to the Trustwave data centers, and all inbound email is inspected before it reaches your network, providing industry leading protection against phishing, blended and targeted threats – and enabling significant bandwidth and storage savings.
Trustwave MailMarshal Cloud analyzes, manages and controls outbound content to provide full DLP level inspection on emails and attachments industry-leading.
Trustwave data centers are load-balanced, redundant and highly available clusters to provide 99.9% uptime. Backed by industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs), Trustwave MailMarshal Cloud eliminates uncertainty and complexity and delivers the highest degree of protection.

Service-Level Commitments

Trustwave provides industry-leading SLAs to ensure the service performs to the highest levels, including 99.9% uptime, 99.5% spam blocking rates and 100% detection of known viruses
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